keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 07, 2007

Those Internet Hugging Wireless Hippies, Wippies

So far we have had startups like Fonera and OpenSpark/Sparknet offering WLAN/WiFi communities with community access points for broadband customers. Recently and very quietly Saunalahti -- an ISP, which is part of Elisa now -- released a pre-beta of yet another wireless community, Wippies. The trick is here, this community is supported heavily by operator-grade services like decent email space, diskspace, VoIP, blogs, forums etc. partially eliminating the need to get these services from Google and other service providers. And did I already mention that this operator community is not limited only to one operator? The HomeBox (WLAN-ADSL Router) or WiFiBox (WLAN AP) can be used also in every operator's ADSL or Internet connection. Saunalahti is also promising development interfaces and access to the community AP platform making the community AP in author's opinion the most promising attempt to build functional and truly open community AP. I guess the author has to admit that there still are operators, which still innovate and do new services. Here's the link to the service:

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