maanantaina, tammikuuta 29, 2007

Networking presentation at TUT

Once in a while there are presentations at Tampere University of Technology from visiting researchers, which might interest also Modeemi's network-oriented members. Noticed this this morning so please excuse me for late announcement. Shamelessly ripping off Professor Harju's mail: Dr. Tuomas Aura Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK will give a presentation on "Pitfalls in Internet mobility and multihoming" on Monday, January 29, 2007 at 13.15 - 14.00 in TB224, Tietotalo, TUT. Abstract: Mobility, dynamic addressing, and multihoming features are being added to network protocols at all layers of the protocol stack to enable movement and to increase reliability. By misusing such features, an attacker may be able to hijack data and connections, prevent legitimate communication, and cause a packet flood. In this talk, I will show examples of what has gone wrong in standard protocols such as Mobile IPv6, SCTP and SIP. Fortunately, simple, inexpensive design principles have enabled us to prevent such attacks.

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